Work with us

We usually work with two cameras and two video cameras on your wedding day, just to be sure that every little thing is captured and to back up each other in case of something goes wrong. We use studio flashes, video lights, lenses, anything that will give you the best results. We intent to meet you before the big day, so that we discuss every little detail and most important, to “breake the ice” between us. Finally, all of our photos are processed with photoshop (correcting light, skin, back lighting e.t.c), so when you get your photos, you will be content.

Your eyes to your wedding day

We’ll show you, what you didn’t see!

Fork and spoon

We usually work in pairs and we perfectly fit together like fork and spoon!

We hear you

We really hear you, tell us anything!

Made with love

It’s the passion that drives us, so anything we do is made of love!