Our team

Photographers team

Marianna Arvithi

Μy name is Marianna and I am a photographer. This is more than my job, it is my passion and lifestyle. In all the work that I create, it is my goal to create visual stories and find the connection between the subject and viewer. I like to show the moments that are unseen and share them with the world. I have been photographing weddings over 15 years, and within that time, I have built an increatible team. On your wedding day, our goal is to achieve the best for you and along the way, our mission is to have a lot of fun!

Prisma team

George Roussos

I was born and raised in the majestic capital of the Cyclades, the island of Syros. The magnificence of the island combined with the magic of the sea were the most important stimuli for me early on. As a teenager I never left my amateur camera, my dream birthday present, collecting images and moments, non-stop.

Marios Roussos

Creating unique images and emotions is the ultimate for a videographer. Growing up in the capital of the Cyclades, influenced by the artistic aura of the island, I loved the art of filming.

Varthalitis team

George Varthalitis

I’m George Varthalitis and my speciality is videography. With over 18 years of expertise and great passion for anything i do, i make sure to capture all of your important memories and let you relive them at a glance!

Anargyros Varthalitis

I’m Anargyros Varthalitis and i specialize in unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) operation both for video and photography. I’m 21 and very excited to try out new things!