Avoid the common mistakes

You’ve spent countless hours planning every aspect of your wedding day, and now it’s time to trust it will be great… Let the people you’re working with to do their job, and you focus on getting increatibly beautiful! Now it’s time to be a bride, you’ve just to be carefull with some little things that have the tendency to sneak back into your photos.

Water bottles: Water bottles are NOT sexy. Please remove them and drink water out of a glasses.

Packaging and Plastics: I see this a lot when the dress gets unwrapped and typically there is a copious amount of packaging accompanying the dress. Have someone dispose of excess plastics and packaging immediately.

Curling irons, cords, cord extensions: Let’s put those behind something, or have really nice ones, shall we?

iPhones: I know you love your iPhone, but please put it away. They don’t photograph well and in a few years the iPhone model will look terribly outdated.

TVs: No, you don’t need to have a TV on while you’re get ready. Too much noise you don’t really need.

The list goes on and on, but you get the point yes?