The differences between professional photographers

There are many disciplines in professional photography. The largest ones are fashion, still-life, interior and architecture, photojournalism and fine art photography. There are more out there of course, but notice that we didn’t list wedding photography?

Wedding photography is it’s own genre and has it’s own aesthetics, expectations and most importantly the subject is also the client. Wedding photography unfortunately also has a low barrier to entry. It’s quite easy for someone to buy a camera with a few lenses, and voila—a new wedding photographer is born.

So, when selecting your photographer, look at their wedding work, but inquire about what other projects they shoot as well. Organize together the NEXT DAY photoshooting days before the wedding day. Find the locations and time it would be convenient for it. Don’t let the financials be the only factor of the decision of your photographer. He may not match with your aesthetic and in the end you will not be content with the results.

And we get married once!…or not?