You have your photos, now what?

You hire a great photographer to capture your wedding day, but afterward, where do the photos live?
The obvious answer is an album. If you have any doubts about getting one, know that a lot of effort and thought goes into creating a wedding album. Time is spent thinking through the layout, so it tells your love story. The end result is a well-produced, designed, and printed storybook of your wedding weekend.

The album doesn’t live on an iPad, in the cloud, or on Instagram never to be seen again. An album is a heavy, printed, physical representation of your wedding day that will sit on your coffee table for years to come. It shows the world how you started your lives together.

The album shows not only your love story, but every decision you made along the way. All of this is memorialized in a book forever. Don’t make the mistake of having your wedding live and die on your iCloud or in the camera roll on your phone.